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Episode 73: Sporting is Fundamental (w/ best friend and kids sports trainer Scott Rodriguez)


It is week 101 of #DaddingHard (HOLY SH*T!) and we've just started making the conversion to 1 nap. There's A LOT of change that comes with that. Flustered schedules, afternoon crankiness, high volumes or irritability but by god I'll take it because WE GET OUR MORNING SLEEP BACK!!!!

In our guest segment this week I bring back one of my best friends on the planet for his 2nd Dad Hard appearance, Scott Rodriguez. He's now cemented his first year in the #FatherhoodBrotherhood and is loving every second! We talk about his biggest roadbumps during year 1, his daughter struggling with her mobility, raising yourself in raising your kid, the positive effect quarantine had on his fatherhood experience, fatherhood inspiring him to start his own youth sports training program and the two of us watching each other grow from 13 year old boys to 35 year old dads! One of the most fun conversations had on the pod to date.

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 2021-07-08  1h3m