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Episode #249: Get Inspired, Then Take Action

In this week’s podcast, we are going to get MOTIVED and TAKE ACTION. I am so thrilled all of you get so inspired but it is time to do something with that inspiration
I am going to tell you how you can motivate yourself to take action and what to analyze to make sure you continue to take action.
Inspiration and Results
Many people get inspired but no one really does anything about it. We are going to jump in and get motivated. It is time to take action!
Actions to Take
Just trying to figure it out… that is the worst thing you can do. There are so many positive actions you can take from your inspiration. Think about them all and use your resources.
Get Motivated and Get Uncomfortable
Taking the proper steps to get motivated and actually do something with your inspiration can be challenging. But what happens when you get challenged? You get uncomfortable? Then what… you do something about it. Recognize the time you stepped out of your comfort zone and think about what happened when you did.
Show Highlights

* What is Being Done with Your Inspiration? (3:30)
* Actions that can be taken from Your Inspiration (5.30)
* How to Get Motivated and Take Action (9.20)
* Acknowledge the Challenges You Overcome (10.55)
* What do You do When You Get Inspired? (12.40)


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 2021-07-15  13m