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Network Break 342: SolarWinds Back In Security Hot Seat; In Defense Of The Fax Machine

Take a Network Break! SolarWinds is back in the hot seat as Microsoft researchers discover an active exploit against SolarWinds Serv-U file transfer products. Meanwhile, SonicWall warns customers that a ransomware exploit is targeting end-of-life software on some of its products.
NVIDIA and Palo Alto Networks underwhelm with an announcement about using NVIDIA’s Bluefield-2 DPU to offload some network traffic from virtual instances of Palo Alto’s firewall software. Greg opines on the effects of inflation for IT project management, and Amazon snaps up a team of Facebook engineers that were working on a now-defunct satellite broadband project.
Last but not least, Japanese bureaucrats who refuse to relinquish their fax machines are stymieing the government’s digital transformation.
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Tech Bytes: AppNeta
Stay tuned after the news for a sponsored Tech Bytes conversation with AppNeta. As organizations figure out how to make distributed work a more permanent feature, IT needs to be prepared to support both remote and on-prem workers for the foreseeable future. We talk with AppNeta about instrumenting application performance management to support a hybrid work environment.
Show Links:
Serv-U Remote Memory Escape Vulnerability – SolarWinds
SolarWinds 0-day gave Chinese hackers privileged access to customer servers – Ars Technica
Urgent Security Notice: Critical Risk to Unpatched End-of-Life SRA & SMA 8.x Remote Access Devices – SonicWall
NVIDIA and Palo Alto Networks Boost Cyber Defenses with DPU Acceleration – NVIDIA
Facebook’s satellite internet team joins Amazon – The Verge
Japanese fax fans rally to defence of much-maligned machine – The Guardian
Hanko Stamp – Seal (East Asia) – Wikipedia


 2021-07-19  46m