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BIGGEST RISK with Adam Gilbert

J. Darrin Gross

So let me ask you, the question that I do ask people is, what is the BIGGEST RISK? Is that what you? Would you? You would, you know, your BIGGEST RISK would be just that?


Adam Gilbert  

Yeah, I mean, yeah, this is probably on the riskier side of the type of investment deals that I do. So I mean, I have a shopping center that I'm doing a value add facade enhancement on, you know, that's a tangible asset, these entitlement deals, I would say they're on the risk there, they are probably the biggest risk in terms of deals that I do. Because again, if I'm unsuccessful in getting the entitlements, I've now just pissed away all my money for something that I was able to create no value on. But the if I am successful, then the returns are high enough, you know, 5x 10x, to justify that risk. And, you know, what I equated to is off playing poker, you know, I try to do as much due diligence as I can. And if I'm holding two kings, if I'm holding a great hand, I can still lose, you know, but I'm taking a calculated risk. And knowing that I'm willing to make a bet, because I've, I think that this is where this particular property and this project needs to go.


 2021-07-20  1m