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"Listen to the wine" | Ep168

James Beard award-winning Chef Jimmy Schmidt and I talk all about the nuts and bolts of Plant Paradox cooking. We explain how to find the RIGHT lectin-free, non-inflammatory ingredients, share the secrets to creating awesome flavors, and explain the common mistakes many home cooks make (and how to fix them). Full transcript and show notes: Thank you to this week’s sponsors! Check them out: To experience the best in men's fitness apparel, go to and enter the code GUNDRY for 15% OFF your purchase. For the ultra personalized wellness app, go to for 25% off anything in their store. A little off your rate each month goes a long way. Get a quote today at dot com and see why 4 out of 5 new auto customers recommend Progressive. Go to for $20 off your first order, plus a FREE gift. Go to To get your free LMNT Sample Pack - you only cover the cost of shipping ($5 for US customers)


 2021-08-09  1h8m