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Day Two Cloud 112: Complex Multi-Cloud Networking

Today’s topic on Day Two Cloud is complex multi-cloud networking. In this episode, we focus on the challenges of stitching together a fabric across more than one public cloud. How do you architect a fabric given the constraints of each cloud? We also drill into the idea of API gateways.
Our guest is Chris Oliver, a network architect at NI who deals with multi-cloud networks as part of his day-to-day responsibilities.
We discuss:

* What makes cloud networking complex
* Whether on-prem networking knowledge translates easily to the cloud
* Virtual network functions vs. cloud-native options
* Stitching together multiple public clouds
* The role of API gateways
* More

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Show Links:
Chris Oliver On LinkedIn
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[00:00:02.050] – Ned
Zesty provides an autonomous cloud experience by leveraging advanced AI technology to manage the cloud for you. Their AI reacts in real time to capacity changes and enables companies to maximize cloud efficiency and reduce their AWS bill by more than 50% completely handsfree. Cloud on autopilot. With Zesty, companies can spend less and do more. Check them out at Zesty dot Co.
[00:00:33.440] – Ethan
Welcome to Day two Cloud. Our topic today, complex multicloud networking. So this is a topic we’ve hit before on Day two Cloud. Yes, cloud networking is hard. It’s so hard.
[00:00:46.230] – Ethan
But genuinely, what we get into in this show is when you’re in several different cloud environments and you were constrained by what is happening with the cloud native networking, but need to stitch all those environments together because of your application fabric. What does that look like? And how do you architect that? And so we start off with the problems and then talk about an API gateway as a connectivity problem that needs to be solved. And our guest is Chris Oliver. Ned, what stood out to you in this conversation we have with Chris?
[00:01:18.020] – Ned
These are the kind of episodes that I really love, because we’re not just talking at a pure theoretical level. We’re not talking to someone from a vendor. We’re talking to someone who’s living this day to day and getting into some of the details of the implementation, actually seeing where things are broken and don’t work and then what they had to do to work around it. So that was what stood out to me is just the honesty and the clarity of the conversation.
[00:01:40.960] – Ethan
Honesty and clarity, and to some degree, the brutality of what Chris has had to deal with as a network architect designing for a very complex solution for an API gateway he needed to deliver for his company NI. Please enjoy this conversation with Chris Oliver.
[00:01:57.240] – Ethan
Chris Oliver, welcome to the Day two Cloud podcast. And hey, I know you’ve been on the Packet Pushers podcast network before, but if you would,


 2021-08-26  51m