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episode 326: These Republicans are going...big government?

There's an intra-party fight on the right — and it's not (all) about Trump! For decades, conservatives have called for the government to take a hands-off approach to the economy. But now, a group of self-styled “common good capitalists” — like Sen. Marco Rubio — want to change that. And, they’re gaining power. It’s a divide not only over what policy approach is best, but what the most effective political strategy is for the GOP in the 21st century. Playbook co-author Tara Palmeri talks with an influential voice in this new economic counterculture — Oren Cass, head of American Compass and Mitt Romney's former campaign advisor, as well as Eliana Johnson, POLITICO Magazine contributor and editor-in-chief of the Washington Free Beacon, about this policy divide and where the 2024 GOP hopefuls land on this spectrum.

Tara Palmeri is a Playbook co-author for POLITICO.
Eliana Johnson is a contributing editor for POLITICO Magazine and editor-in-chief of the Washington Free Beacon.
Oren Cass is Mitt Romney's former campaign advisor and executive director of American Compass.
Adrienne Hurst is a producer for POLITICO audio.
Annie Rees is a producer for POLITICO audio.
Jenny Ament is the senior producer for POLITICO audio.
Irene Noguchi is the executive producer of POLITICO audio.


 2021-09-03  24m