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Build a Big Podcast is the marketing podcast for podcasters! How to grow your podcast audience, better connect with listeners, and spread your message through podcasting with podcast marketing tips from media marketing expert David Hooper, author of Big Podcast – Grow Your Podcast Audience, Build Listener Loyalty, and Get Everybody Talking About Your Show.


episode 383: Big Podcast Insider - Issue 42

This is the audio companion to Issue 42 of Big Podcast Insider. If you're interested in more info on what I talk about on this episode and also links, that's where to go.   Big Podcast Insider is a weekly newsletter on podcasting. If you like the content of this episode, consider subscribing – it's free and you can unsubscribe at any time.   Topics:

  • How to make $25,000/month from your podcast
  • How much "free" content should you give away? Why you should and shouldn't give away content...
  • Time management for podcasters – how to get things done
  • Why you should be emailing your podcast listeners (and how to do it)
  • Cheap WordPress hosting for podcasters
Links To Things I Talk About:
  • Big Podcast Insider - Podcasting Newsletter
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 2021-09-07  15m