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Business School is hosted by Sharran Srivatsaa, the CEO of Kingston Lane, investor and advisor to various cutting-edge technology companies and former Silicon Valley entrepreneur. Sharran is a sought after keynote speaker and a respected thought-leadership resource for publications such as The Wall Street Journal, SUCCESS magazine, Huffington Post, and Forbes. On this podcast, Sharran shares his best secrets on how to grow your business strategically, how to build your brand elegantly, most importantly integrate the profits in your business with an overall joyful life. For more free resources visit


episode 67: Our 4-Step Process for Investing in Companies

The concept of investing directly in a company is not as commonly done compared to simply buying stocks. Finding private investment opportunities to make money is a great way to unlock additional income. There is more risk involved, but the opportunities allow you to gain above-market returns and influence the business direction. Investing in a company can be a fantastic way to build wealth. But before you do that, make sure you have a concrete process. Professional investors need playbooks to replicate their success and learn from their mistakes. If you don't already have your own process, here is Sharrans’s 4-step process for investing in a company. It's pretty simple, but it works! 

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“We don't look at contracts as a way to enforce something. We look at contracts as a way to memorialize our agreement.” 

- Sharran Srivatsaa


00:00 Why do you need a playbook

01:39 Mistakes can be costly if you don't have a playbook

02:22 Sharran’s framework is an excellent guide if you're considering investing in a business

03:32 Discover the origin of Sharran’s FOUR GOODS process

04:36 Good people - referrals are not enough; working relationship and history are necessary to get to know people

09:37 Good intentions - is this person friendly, helpful, and collaborative?

12:55 The two kinds of people - the person in the middle is a very dangerous person

16:46 Good rationale - the deal has to work on a simple spreadsheet; No spreadsheet, No deal!

19:16 Good contract (a Memorandum of Understanding can also work) - don't proceed with the contract without good people, good intentions, and good rationale


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 2021-09-07  25m