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This is the audio version of Chris Shelton's weekly Critical Question and Answer show on his YouTube channel. In this show, Chris answers questions posed by viewers in the comments section of his Q&A videos or sent by email to Questions cover a wide range of topics but tend to focus on Scientology and critical thinking, as well as Chris' personal experiences with and in the Church of Scientology.


Critical Q&A #331

This week, it’s a full breakdown of what Tone 40 is, Scientologists and evolution, tax exemption around the world and a lot more. Enjoy!

(1) I’m still confused as to what Tone 40 is supposed to be in Scientology. Is it a state of pure serenity or is it the tone an angry wizard might make in order to break up a traffic jam?  

(2) Do Scientologists believe in evolution?  If not, what do they say about various things like the Pyramids, cave drawings, old living sites, Nazca Lines, dinosaurs, etc? Seems to me if people have these memories going back millions of years, that they wouldn’t believe in evolution.

(3) I have some familiarity with Customer Relationship Management Systems having worked for various banks over the years. I have heard Scientology uses a computer system called Central Addresso to manage electronic customer records. Is it a good system or is it as disjointed and flawed as the rest of the Church? Did it help or hinder your work?

(4) From my understanding the CoS has tax exemption in the United States and removing it would either take the church down completely or at least knock it down a few notches. Does the church have tax exemption in any other country besides the U.S.? If so, where and when/how was it granted? If tax exemption is such a huge deal but it only applies to the United States it begs the question how important are the rest of the countries in the world as it relates to Scientology. What is the “market share” of Scientology in the US by members/GI compared to other countries and would it matter if they were a non-factor completely?

(5) I’m of the opinion that one of the benefits of OT 8 is that you will be reborn in your next life with full knowledge and perception of who you were and everything you know regarding Scientology intact. Is this correct? If not, then what’s the point if you come back and don’t remember anything? I’m of the assumption that if you do come back with full perception then presumably you don’t need to go back into Scientology and rise up the bridge again or do you?

(6) I was wondering if you have ever thought about talking about militant veganism online, or if you have heard of the documentary What The Health on Netflix. I ask because at one point I was ‘converted’ to veganism because vegan doctors such as Michael Greger, John MacDougall and T. Colin Campbell were preaching online the dangers of meat consumption, and made many promises of weight loss and improved health by cutting out all animal products. I posted my story on Abbey Sharp’s video on What The Health, but just to give an overview, I adopted a healthy vegan diet and within two months my digestive health deteriorated, I lost muscle mass and I nearly passed out at the grocery store. My doctor told me that everyone is different and that while some people do well without animal protein, others cannot. I eventually regained my health after introducing meat back into my diet, but the recovery was very slow. 

I started watching your videos which have helped me think critically about diet and health in general. I hadn’t posted much in public about my brush with veganism until What The Health came out, and it angered me that the filmmakers were using graphic and grotesque imagery to illustrate their claims about the supposed dangers of meat consumption. Moreover they claim that doctors profit from the ill health of a public that consumes meat. I suppose my question to you is: would the actions of the filmmakers and plant based doctors amount to coercive persuasion and thought reform, in your opinion? Furthermore, what advice would you give to anyone who is thinking of radically changing their diet?

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 2021-09-12  53m