Critical Q&A

This is the audio version of Chris Shelton's weekly Critical Question and Answer show on his YouTube channel. In this show, Chris answers questions posed by viewers in the comments section of his Q&A videos or sent by email to Questions cover a wide range of topics but tend to focus on Scientology and critical thinking, as well as Chris' personal experiences with and in the Church of Scientology.

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Critical Q&A #303

This week, it’s a detailed breakdown of how past-life memories are recalled in Scientology, some comments about OSA staff members, facts vs beliefs and a lot more. Enjoy! (1) I have a question about past lives.



Critical Q&A #302

This week, it’s answers about L. Ron Hubbard’s claims of being a cop, how to go exterior in Scientology, a deep dive into my experience on the RPF and a lot more. Enjoy! Tony Ortega’s blog article (1) I was listening to a lecture by Hubbard called The ...



Critical Q&A #301

This week, it’s more about that hypothetical COVID Patient Zero, what role financial stress might play in vulnerability to cults, an explanation for one of Scientology more bizarre training routines and a lot more. Enjoy!



Critical Q&A #300

This week, it’s answers about ways to help yourself without Scientology, one of the most influential of Hubbard’s directives, a little bit of a soapbox on ethics and a lot more. Enjoy! (1) You’ve said what you think is good about Scientology,



Critical Q&A #299

This week, it’s answers about punishment in Scientology, tracking David Miscavige, the Biderman framework of coercive control and much more. Enjoy! (1) I hear many ex-members use the expression “I was in trouble.



Critical Q&A #298 – Live

This week, we went live and had some great questions about many different aspects of Scientology and QAnon, my uni studies and cult principles in general. Enjoy!


 2021-01-24  1h7m

Critical Q&A #296

This week, it’s answers about how Scientologists find comfort during hard times, a logical fallacy we all commit every day and which is key to understanding cults, cleaning in the Sea Org and a lot more. Enjoy!


 2021-01-10  52m

Critical Q&A #295

This week, it’s answers about how Sea Org members are expected to handle their jobs even if they aren’t trained for them, some comments on cultism in The Mandalorian, Scientologists’ capacity for cognitive dissonance and a lot more. Enjoy!


 2021-01-03  40m

Critical Q&A #294 – Live

This week we went live to answer viewer questions and they were great. I gave a little update on my university studies, we got to talk about Tom Cruise (of course) and many other Scientology and cult-related questions. Enjoy!


 2020-12-27  1h6m

Critical Q&A #293

This week, I go on a roll about Tom Cruise, talk the nature of existence, clarify what “missions” are in Scientology and more. Enjoy! (1) You’ve probably had a ton of feedback on this, but I would like to hear more about your thoughts about Tom Cruise’...


 2020-12-20  54m