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Superman VS Spiderman - 7:13:19, 6.22 PM

Story by: Gail L. Nobles
Keyboard player by: Gail Nobles
Actors by: Gail Nobles
Sound effects of web webshooter: and
Stan Lee info: Superman VS Spiderman comic book
Photo Credit: Public Domain

Stan Lee from Marvel Comics and Carmine Infantino from DC comics had been friends for years. They collaborated on strips in the early days of comics. Stan wrote them and Carmine drew them. They both knew that they couldn't keep their top heroes apart. According to Stan, readers everywhere were demanding a team-up of Superman and Spiderman. And so it happened. Superman VS Spiderman was in the giant DC comic of 1976. There were two villains that teamed up in the comic book, Lex Luthor and Doctor Octopus. They combined forces in order to conquer the world and kill both of the men who put them behind bars.

Superman mistakenly blames Spiderman for the disappearance of the two women, Lois Lane and Mary Jane. The two of them got into a fight. When Spiderman's punches, instead of staggering Superman, suddenly had little effect, Spiderman calls off the fight. Realizing they had been deceived, Superman suspected a plot by Lex Luthor and Doc Ock. Superman and Spiderman joined forces to fight the two villains. The name of the comic book is "Superman VS The Amazing Spiderman: The Battle of the Century" published by Marvel and DC Comics.

I think that the comic book would make an awesome movie. At the same time, you would see two bad villains. One from the DC world and one from the Marvel world combine forces. It's an interesting story. So I know it would make an interesting movie.

I'm Gail Nobles, and you're listening to movies unmade.


 2021-02-12  3m