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Children Are The Future - 5:12:20, 2.10 PM

Title: Children are the Future
Story by: Gail Nobles
Keyboard player: Gail Nobles
Photo Credit: By Asterio Tecson - Flickr: 135, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Good evening Whitney Houston fans and anyone else that may be listening. Something pointed out to me that the song "Greatest Love of All" was a very good song. I had heard it before from George Benson back in 1977, but when Whitney Houston sang it in the 80's, I didn't recognize the song because I heard George and his version of it maybe once or twice. By then, I had forgotten about it.

Whitney's first line singing the song was, I believe the children are our future. People, you've got to believe in your children. There was a woman in the Bible name Sherah who built 3 cities. You'll find that in 1 Chronicles chapter 7 verse 24. In our world today, people look at the gender a lot, but whether you are male or female, God will use you. the Bible lets us know who we are. Children grew up in the Bible and became great. They were not just born to be born.

The children are the future. Don't put them down. Encourage them. Whitney Houston singing The Greatest Love of All is something we ought to remember and keep in mind. You know Whitney became great herself, and she probably had other abilities that she didn't know she had. People ask you how did you do so and so. Just know that things come from God.

I'm Gail Nobles, and this is my story Whitney Within.


 2020-05-12  2m