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On the Other Side

Music by: Gail Nobles
Vocals by: Gail Nobles
Words by: Gail Nobles
Male voice (actor): Gail Nobles
© 2017 Gail Nobles
Photo Credit: Wikipedia

On the other side, there will be no half stepping.
Everything that's going to be done will be done all the way.
There will be no more wrong.
Everything will be made right.

Temptations will be gone.
We'll have a new name.

Choir: No more fault finding.
We'll be all the same.

Like David Eli Ruffin
Many of us sing the blues.
But they'll be no more blues to sing on the other side
Cause we'll all be happy.

We played those Motown Records
And we lived the life of love playing those tunes.
Curtis Mayfield said, "People get ready...For the hopeless sinner, there ain't no room."

Choir: On the other side.


 2017-11-17  1m