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LL Cool J _ Radio Man _GN Podcast

My discussion today is about LL Cool J. Before he wrote the lyrics I'm Bad, I knew that he was bad. My favorite rap song by LL is Radio, and in my mind he is the radio man. LL Cool J means Ladies Love Cool James. When I first heard his rap Radio, that’s when I loved him. That was the name of LL’s first album. Before I had ever seen his face, I loved him by his voice and lyrics. When I first saw LL perform radio on Soul Train, I loved him even more. LL has always been the radio signal to my mind......

Article by: Gail Nobles
Artwork by: Gail Nobles
Music by: The Passion HiFi
Walkie Talkie sound: by jamesabdulrahman Creative Commons 0 License


 2016-02-08  1m