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There Could Have Been A Bodyguard 2 (ONE MORE Time for Love) - 6:1:20, 5.11 PM

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I'm Gail Nobles and
You're listening to Movies Unmade. Today's topic is "There Could Have Been a Bodyguard 2"

We've seen The Bodyguard
It is a 1992 Romantic thriller film directed by Mick Jackson, and Produced by Kevin Costner and Jim Wilson, and starring Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston. The film was written by Lawrence Kasdan.

Now lets talk about the characters. Rachel, played by Whitney Houston, is an Academy Award -- nominated actress and music superstar who is being sent death threats by a stalker. Frank, played by Kevin Costner, was formally a secret service agent who protected Rachel.

It would have been nice to see a Bodyguard 2 film starring Whitney Houston & Keven Costner. What would have made a 2nd movie of it interesting is to see Rachel save Frank. It would have been fun to see Rachel shoot guns during a time when Frank could have been out numbered by several bad guys. They could have been a team.

In the Bodyguard movie, Rachel and Frank leaves each other in the end kissing goodbye. It would have been nice to see them in A Bodyguard 2 movie escaping together. The movie could have been a film with more action than the first. I would have loved to have seen Frank and Rachel together one more time starring Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner.

Whitney Houston left us with such a great memory. Thank you Kevin Costner for choosing her. I wish I could see you both just one more time .........


 2020-06-02  3m