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Author Media presents Novel Marketing the longest-running book marketing podcast in the world. This is the show for writers who want to build their platform, sell more books, and change the world with writing worth talking about. Whether you self publish or are with a traditional house, this podcast will make book promotion fun and easy. Thomas Umstattd Jr. interviews, publishers, indie authors and bestselling traditional authors about how to get published and sell more books.


Author Media: The Behind-the-Scenes Story

Have you ever wondered what Author Media is and where it comes from?

Somehow I have recorded 300 episodes, and I have never told the story of the company behind the podcast.

Where did Author Media come from?

2007 Umstattd Media Founded

The old Umstattd Media website.

While I was in college, I was working on a book about video game addiction, and I started attending writers conferences to learn how to get my book published.

I was sitting in a marketing session where the presenter told authors they needed a blog and website. All the authors in the room looked terrified. One author finally asked, “How do we do it? How do we build a website?”

The lady presenting answered, “Just find a five-year-old. Any five-year-old can build a website.” 

It was a rather unhelpful answer to a very big question. 

I was dazzled by being around all those authors because I was still in college. But I knew how to build websites. I’d been building them since I was 13 years old. So I made friends with one author from my area and told her, “I can build you a website on WordPress. It’s no problem. In fact, I’ll do it for free.”

I built her a website, and she loved it. Then she started recommending me to all her friends. I couldn’t build all their websites for free, so I started charging.

The next time I went to a writer’s conference, I brought my brochure advertising my website building services. I was still pitching my proposal to agents and editors, but I also handed out those brochures to authors.

I had authors writing me a check, sight unseen, for a new website. It was clear they needed help with technology, and I knew I could meet that need.

I started spending a lot of time building author websites and less time working on my book.

That book never got published. After a while, I was so busy building websites for authors that I had to hire people to help me, and Umstattd Media founded a company that built websites for authors and small businesses.


The original author tech tips logo.

We launched, which was a blog to help authors with marketing and technology. Authors were wondering how to sign up for Twitter and how to use Facebook. They were asking basic questions that I could answer.

At the time, almost no one had a tech blog for authors. There were lots of technology blogs for business people but very few for authors. We were one of the first blogs to translate technology for authors, and we got a lot of attention for it. 

Writer’s Digest featured us several times as one of the most helpful websites for authors. In fact, they’ve continued to feature us over the years. The most recent issue of their magazine featured us again. This time they also featured the Novel Marketing podcast. 

By this time, I had graduated from college. My team and I were working full-time to build websites for authors.

My company was called Umstattd Media, which was a very bad company name because no one could spell my last name. So we changed the name to


The original Author Media logo.

 In 2011, became I had to buy the domain name from the person who owned it. It cost me a good amount of money,


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