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Author Media presents Novel Marketing the longest-running book marketing podcast in the world. This is the show for writers who want to build their platform, sell more books, and change the world with writing worth talking about. Whether you self publish or are with a traditional house, this podcast will make book promotion fun and easy. Thomas Umstattd Jr. interviews, publishers, indie authors and bestselling traditional authors about how to get published and sell more books.

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Cyber Weekend Deals for Authors

We are in the process of replacing the dirt and rocks in our backyard with grass for the children to play in. At first, things went well using the shovel but then when we got to the final rocks, the shovel just did not work well. Then we tried a rake,



How to Run a Kickstarter Campaign for Your Book with Jonathan Shuerger

Learn how to raise money from future readers, pay for your book before you publish it, and reward your supporters for contributing.



How to Create an Author Press Kit with Susan Neal

If you want to secure media interviews about your book, learn why you need an author press kit, what you should include, and where to place it on your website.



What Every Author Needs to Know About Copyright Law with James Scott Bell

Find out who should register the copyright for a book, why it may be important, and when is the best time to do it.



How to Grow Your Podcast Audience – with David Hooper

Learn how to increase your podcast's impact by connecting with other podcasters, authors, and audiences who are interested in your book.


 2021-10-27  41m

Is Your Author “About Me” Page Boring Your Readers To Death?

Most author About Me pages are as fascinating as Mr. Rogers' sweater choices. Here's how to craft a killer About page.


 2021-10-20  35m

How to Write Faster and Better with Chris Fox

Chris Fox shares a method authors can use to increase writing output and improve craft. Implement these habits to write faster and better.


 2021-10-12  39m

Author Media: The Behind-the-Scenes Story

Peek behind the scenes to find out how Author Media came to serve authors like you and how we'll serve you in the coming years.


 2021-10-06  50m

How Jack Ellem Went from Unpublished to Bestselling Indie Author

Find out how Jack Ellem became a bestselling indie author in two foreign countries while living in Australia and learn how his strategies can work for you.


 2021-09-29  38m

How to Use Price Pulsing to Supercharge Your Backlist Sales

Discover three ways to revive your backlist and increase sales with price pulsing.


 2021-09-22  31m