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This is the show for novelists who hate marketing, but still want to become bestselling authors. Our goal is to make book promotion fun and easy for writers who would really rather be writing.



      138 – GDPR for American Authors?


      * Did Thanos Kill Me?
      * The Creative Funding Show
      * Iubenda (Affiliate link)

      Let’s talk about GDPR: First off, we are not lawyers.

      What is GDPR?

      General Data Protection Regulation

      Why do authors need to care about it? Isn’t it just European companies that need to worry about this?

      The law “applies” to Americans companies.

      Can they take care...



      137 – How to Write Short Stories that People Will Love

      In this episode, we are going to talk about writing short stories that work, that people like, that readers have to get more of. On the show today is one of the best authors in the world to talk about the subject our friend, James Scott Bell.
      James is an International Thriller Writers Award winner, Christy Award winner, author of Plot and Structure, (affiliate link)  and How to Write Short Stories And Use Them to Further Your Writing Career (affiliate link).




      136 – How to Use K-lytics To Sell More Kindle eBooks

      The more you understand how readers find,  and how and why they buy books on Amazon, the more books you’re going to sell.
      And to help us dive deep into the subject is today’s guest, Alex Newton, the CEO and Founder of .a leading market research resource for authors and publishers. Or put in terms we care about his company and expertise helps authors sell more books, face less competition, and get a bigger return on the time and money that put into their careers.
      He’s ...



      135 – How to Start a Local Writers Group

      Joining a writers group will take your writing to a new level faster. But what do you do if there are no groups near you? You start one! It is easier than you think and we are here to help you along the way.
      When we say local critique group, we’re talking about people you can sit down with face to face for support, encouragement, and critique. We talk about how important this is in our Five Year Plan to becoming an instant, overnight success as a novelist … but what if it’s not possib...



      134 – How to Relaunch a Book With Chris Fox

      In this episode, we’re going to talk about how to re-launch your old novels. Yes! There is still life, and money, potentially a LOT of money in that story you wrote long ago. Joining us is bestselling author Chris Fox, author of Relaunch Your Novel: Breathe Life Into Your Backlist.
      Episode Outline:

      Why should someone consider re-launching their book?

      It can be brand new in Amazon’s eyes.

      You talk in your book, Relaunch Your Novel: Breathe Li...



      133 – How to Find and Work with an Editor with Karen Ball

      Good marketing helps a bad book fail faster. To succeed, you need a great book and for that, you need a great editor. In this episode, learn how to find and work with an exceptional editor with special guest Karen Ball co-host of the Write from the Deep Podcast.
      But first, we have a quick announcement about our current contest. If you missed it, we’re giving away something very cool. You know we think email is the most powerful way to sell books. But what should those em...


       2018-04-17  27m

      132 – How to Blog Your Book Ahead of Time

      [00:00:01] This is novel marketing, the show for novelists who aren’t necessarily fond of marketing but still want to become best selling authors. Episode 132. I’m James L. Rubart, but you can call me Jim.
      [00:00:14] I’m Thomas Umstattd Jr. And in this episode we’re going to talk to you guys about how to blog your book and if you should blog your book. But first, there is some news on the personal front we need to talk about. I’m talking this is big...


       2018-04-10  33m

      131 – How to Increase Your Email Delivery

      In this episode, we are going to talk about one of our favorite topics, favorite because it is currently–and likely will be for a long time–the most powerful form of marketing that you can control. We’re talking about email … and specifically how you can increase the delivery of your emails. In other words, how to make sure they GET to your list’s in boxes.
      Email is the most powerful tool for selling books. But it only works if your emails arrive in reader’s inboxes success...


       2018-04-05  35m

      130 – Myths Authors Believe  

      In this episode, we are going to talk about a few of the myths and lies writers are prone to believe which can derail us or send us in wrong directions or keep us from going in the direction we should be headed.  
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      Listener Question
      Roland Denzel ( ...


       2018-03-27  26m

      129 – How to Build an Email List Before Your First Book Comes Out With Short Stories

      Meredith Abernathy Beyond the Midnight Mountain 25% on her 6th draft … She loves:

      Dr. Pepper
      Road trips
      Details of everyday life of everyday people in other times and places
      Details in general (I tend to over research)

      “I keep hearing the advice to start marketing/start a newsletter as early as possible, even before you’re published. But whenever I ask for help in my Facebook writer groups, ...


       2018-03-20  20m