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Episode 277 – A mixed bag of politics

Jason Ward is back and we talk about Jeff Sessions, Kim Davis, Greece firing priests, Satanic Temple v. Netflix, and more.


Attorney General Jeff Sessions resigns at Trump's request

Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker Once Said Jews, Muslims and Atheists Should Not Be Federal Judges

Trump administration weakens Obamacare birth control coverage mandate

Colorado elects nation's first openly gay governor

Kim Davis loses re-election in race to be Rowan County Clerk

Michigan’s Rashida Tlaib Is The First Muslim Woman Elected To Congress

Greece Church agreement to take 10,000 priests off payroll

Ugandan Archbishop: Government Should Give 10% of Citizens’ Salaries to Church

Thousands ‘living in fear’ after Tanzania calls on public to report gay people | Global development

Indonesian ‘vaccine fatwa’ sends measles immunization rates plummeting

The Satanic Temple sues Netflix, Warner Bros. for $150 million


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