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episode 223: Action 52 - Mario Gonzalez Interview - The Truth Behind the Worst Game of All Time

Action 52 is regarded by many as the worst NES games/carts of all time but my, does it have a fascinating story. Entrepreneur Vince Perri's foray into the video games industry was a mammoth 52 game compilation all on one NES cart. What resulted was a curious mix of games, many of which were unplayable. 

Adrian, furious at how The Cheetahmen never became mainstream, channeled this energy into tracking down Action 52 producer Mario Gonzalez for this fascinating insight into a cart which could have been the best NES cart of all time. But it wasn't. Enjoy.

You can read Mario Gonzalez's previous interview with us here.

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 2021-10-20  1h2m