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episode 6: Ep 06: Smart Cities, Branding & Digital with Rick Robinson, Jacobs [transcript]

Welcome to Marketing In Times of Crisis and I’m your host freelance marketing consultant Ayo Abbas from Abbas Marketing.  Today my guest is Rick Robinson who leads the global smart cities team at Jacobs. 

Rick aka The Urban Technologist is a tech and digital pioneer who brings a unique macro level perspective to our built environment conversation. He touches on some of the major issues such as climate change including the Pivot Projects initiative that he's been taking part in during lockdown, net zero and digital poverty that society and our industry must look to address.

Key Takeaways 

  • The importance of personal brand and how that can help companies and build trust 
  • The role of smart cities and digital infrastructure in a post covid world 
  • Potential areas of opportunity for built environment practitioners as we reimagine our cities
  • Tips for those looking to start their journey on social media

This episode was recorded on Tuesday August 11 2020.



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 2020-09-04  36m