The Built Environment Marketing Show

The Built Environment Marketing Show is designed to share inspirational built-environment business leaders talking about all things marketing. Each episode is about sharing useful hints and tips from a built environment marketing context. The show provides interviews and solo thoughts on different approaches that could be applied to your engineering or architectural business, now. Hosted by award-winning marketing consultant Ayo Abbas from Abbas Marketing.

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episode 46: Ep 46 - Brand It's Personal, Dominique Staindl, Christopher Moore & Ayo Abbas

Today’s show is a bit of a collab with BuildUp – a built environment marketing community network.  This episode is about personal brand and is taken from a fireside chat online session that I participated in earlier this week.  The interviewer is Dom Staindl and the other speaker is Chris Moore from Price and Myers...



episode 45: Ep 45: A concrete approach to TikTok with Andrew Athias

Today’s interview is where we go stateside as I interview Andrew Athias, who is the Digital Director for Silvi Materials in Philadelphia.  Silvi Materials is a great example of a traditional construction firm trying something different, TikTok, to market itself and it paying off. 

This interview was recorded the morning after Philadelphia’s loss in the Superbowl...



episode 44: Ep 44: ChatGPT and AI: A big opportunity?

Welcome back to the new season of The Built Environment Marketing Show.
And to mix things up this year I'll be doing a mix of solo episodes and interviews and still publishing once a month.

Today's episode is hosted by me Ayo Abbas  and sees me gettng to grips with my view on ChatGPT and AI technology.  I look into it from a built environment, a marketing and an educational perspective...


 2023-02-17  10m

episode 43: Ep 43: End of the year marketing roundup and look to '23

Hello and welcome to The Built Environment Marketing Show roundup hosted by marketing consultant Ayo Abbas from Abbas Marketing. 

In this episode, I share:

  • the marketing trends I think we should be paying attention to in '23 
  • share some of the best clips and advice from my interviews in 2022
  • talk about what's next for this show in 23...


 2022-12-19  26m

episode 42: Ep 42: Research, resi and Gen Z with Sarah Canning and Deenie Lee

Today's show is a cracker and takes a slightly different angle as we delve more into the world of business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing and talk about the private residential sector. 

My two amazing guests are Sarah Canning and Deenie Lee, co/founders of the marketing agency The Property Marketing Strategists...


 2022-12-02  46m

episode 41: Ep 41: Sustainability communications - why we all need to upskill, with Ayo Abbas

Welcome to my first proper solo episode of  The Built Environment Marketing Show. A show hosted by me Ayo Abbas, from Abbas Marketing.

As it's the last day of COP27 it seems apt to release an episode about why I think all marketing communications need to upskill when it comes to sustainability-related communications.

Anyway, do take a listen to this short solo episode and do let me know what you think...


 2022-11-18  7m

episode 40: Ep 40: Securing PR without projects, Hannah Cox

Today’s special interview is a deep dive into ‘Securing PR without projects.’ My guest was creative PR expert Hannah Cox MCIPR.

We covered everything from the difference between press and PR, what journalists really want, wider PR/Comms opportunities worth exploring, how to follow up with a journalist without pestering them, messaging and much more...


 2022-11-04  35m

episode 39: Ep 39: Podcasting - a route to grow your business with Emma Drake

The growth in podcast listening in the UK is due to grow to 28 million listeners by 2026.  If you fancy getting a piece of the podcasting pie for your business do check out my podcast interview with Comms Consultant Emma Drake where we talk about podcasting for growth...


 2022-10-28  41m

episode 38: Ep 38: How to get your LinkedIn activity firing on all cylinders, Stacey Meadwell

LinkedIn is the social platform for business and in this episode which is my 3rd recording over on LinkedIn we took  a deep dive into ‘How to get your LinkedIn activity firing on all cylinders with my guest property writer Stacey Meadwell...


 2022-10-21  44m

episode 37: Ep 37: Putting your best business foot forward to win work – Leonie Thomas


Work-winning and networking are fundamental parts of staying in business, so it was a joy to talk to Leonie Thomas from Red Jasper Consulting on these two very important things. 

We delved into:

  • The difference between responding vs reacting when it comes to bidding
  • The importance of having the right mindset as a bidder and how it can positively transform how you work...


 2022-10-14  37m