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Adobe's Scott Belsky on how NFTs will change creativity

Adobe is one of those companies that I don’t think we pay enough attention to — it’s been around since 1982, and the entire creative economy runs through its software. You don’t just edit a photo, you Photoshop it. We spend a lot of time on Decoder talking about the creator economy, but creators themselves spend all their time working in Adobe’s tools. On this episode, I’m talking to Scott Belsky, chief product officer at Adobe, about the new features coming to their products, many of which focus on collaboration, and about creativity broadly — who gets to be a creative, where they might work, and how they get paid.



NFTs Explained

Adobe brings a simplified Photoshop to the web

Adobe is adding a collaborative mood board to Creative Cloud

Soon you can use Photoshop to prepare your art as an NFT

The Dog Ramps Tweet

The Furry Lisa, CryptoArt, & The New Economy Of Digital Creativity

A $120,000 Banana Is Peeled From an Art Exhibition and Eaten

Adobe and Twitter are designing a system for permanently attaching artists’ names to pictures

"I still own you" clip


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 2021-10-26  1h5m