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PornHub Is Simply Abuse Videos

Trigger warning: pornography, sexual violence.

When Laila Mickelwait, founder and CEO of the Justice Defense Fund, began questioning the legality of PornHub's content, she quickly learned that when it comes right down to it, PornHub is simply abuse videos.

At BTR, we take the firm stance that pornography is abusive to everyone involved. PornHub is a gateway, catalyst, and enabler to some of the most graphic, insidious, and violent sexual abuse on the internet.

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What Is "PornHub"?

"As of December, PornHub was the largest and most popular porn site in the world. In 2020 they reported 47 billion visits to the site. That's 130 million visits per day. In 2019, they had 6.8 million videos uploaded to that one site. It would take you 169 years to watch the content uploaded to PornHub in one year." Laila Mickelwait, Founder and CEO of the Justice Defense Fund and founder of the Global Trafficking Hub Movements

Here's How PornHub Harms Women

Laila Mickelwait woke up late one night with her baby, and couldn't stop wondering how so many despicable videos could be on PornHub. Videos that include:

* Rape* Violence* Coercion* Underage vicims* Unconscious victims

She quickly learned that all someone needs to upload a video onto PornHub is an email address.

PornHub harms victims every single day by enabling abusers to post filmed abuse.

You Can Help Make Change

Stopping the porn industry in its tracks may feel daunting, but changes are happening.

You can help today. Sign the petition here and let your voice be heard.

PornHub has ruined too many lives - it's time to hold this industry accountable.

Full Transcript:

Anne: Welcome to Betrayal Trauma Recovery, this is Anne.

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Laila Mickelwait is the founder and CEO of the Justice Defense Fund and the founder of the global trafficking hub movements supported by millions around the world. She has been combating the injustice of sex trafficking for over a decade and is a leading expert in the field. Welcome, Laila.

Laila: Thanks for having me.

"Pornography Intersects With Sex Trafficking"

Anne: Our audience is well aware of the harms of pornography on families and also how pornography intersects with sex trafficking. Let's talk about the work that you are doing to bring justice to survivors of sex trafficking and child sex abuse. What got you started in this field?

Laila: You know I've been doing this work for over 15 years. I don't have a very dramatic story of how I ended up focusing on this area. I grew up in a home where my father was very focused on human rights issues. He grew up in the Middle East in the midst of w...


 2021-10-26  31m