Call it a love-letter to a 20th century that never was; an intrepid, impossible future as envisioned by an imaginary past and presented in a style we call "Curated Actual Play". It's a continuous story universe which pays tribute to all of my favourite fiction from the last 200 years, in a genre best described as 'epic, retrofuturistic science fantasy.' Whatever you call it, it's a story like you won't hear anywhere else. •RAPSCALLIONS• is our flagship series; a crime-caper set in Bailymena, a wicked city as corrupt and byzantine as it is ancient and beautiful. From the putrescence of the Styles to the splendour of the Hightower District, follow this felonious fellowship as they navigate from salons and saloons to parlours of power in the depths of the Dreaming, and back again. Now in our third epic season! •TALLWATER TALES• is our second series. It follows a plucky bunch of outcast academics as they discover a destiny bigger than they'd ever dreamed possible lurking in the million islands of the West Rim Archipelago...


episode 21: Tallwater Tales Ch. 13

13: Finishing Things, Part 2.

In this thrilling conclusion to the Horrors of Hawthorn Hill arc, the villains are brought to justice, order is restored to Cape Largot, and our academic adventurers reap the rewards of their hard work.  Just, not at all in the way you're expecting.  Trick, or treat? You decide! Happy Hallowe'een!



 2021-10-31  1h0m