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episode 88: Referrals on Repeat with Jodi and Darryl Bueckert

In last week’s episode, we talked about the psychology of high-ticket selling. To follow up on that conversation, today we talk about how to bring more clients into your program through referrals. Referrals are an amazing way of generating additional revenue, while not spending more money on marketing.


In today’s episode, I talk with Jodi and Darryl Bueckert, they are experts in getting Referrals on Repeat. They share various methods that you too can leverage, utilizing this amazing lead generation strategy, to grow your client base.


“We try to inspire our clients to bring new people that they know could be a good fit, so we can help them solve their problems...”

- Jodi and Darryl Bueckert


In This Episode:

  • Why referrals are one of the best ways to get people on repeat without spending more resources
  • The difference between trying to sell someone “cold” and someone that's “hot” (and ready to buy) like a referral
  • How to inspire people that are in your programs to bring you a flood of new clients

And much more...


Connect with Jodi and Darryl Bueckert:

  • Website: https://referralsonrepeat.com/
  • Send an email to Jodi: jodi@thetrustmethod.com
  • Send an email to Darryl: darryl@thetrustmethod.com


Connect with Tom Gaddis:

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 2021-11-02  28m