The Retro Gamers: A Video Game Podcast

Anthony and Larry here to bring you our memories of a time long forgotten but slowly seeing a light of day in the world of video games.Blow off the dust from the carts. Get your wires untangled. We about to go retro!!!


Episode 255 - D&D

While Anthony does something very cool and runs the 2021 NYC Marathon, Larry decided to talk about battling demons of lore... Dungeons & Dragons! This week Larry is joined by The Ring Crew Podcast's Sean Law and they discuss a game that did not start out with electronics, but rather with pencil and paper and odd shaped dice.

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The Retro Gamers:

Anthony @matsusu28

Larry @mohr365


Open/Close Music:

“Home at Last“

off of “Lesser than Three” by Ozzed


 2021-11-09  55m