The Retro Gamers: A Video Game Podcast

2 long friends discuss their memories of retro video games.

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Episode 247 - PS5 Showing Off the Goods

We go a little modern this week to recap last week's Playstation Showcase from Sony before diving into a heated (more of a simmer) discussion about the value of new consoles from familiar companies in video game history. The Retro Gamers: http://facebook...



Episode 246 - Master System for 3

Anthony is away this week, so Larry is joined by Mario and Jacek as the three talk about going to Game On, different levels of "gamers" and some Master System talk because Larry bought a good handful of Master System games. Please subscribe to Virtual Ga...



Episode 245 - Video Game Auction Controversy

Remember how the world record for video games auctions were being broken almost daily? Yeah... there's a reason for it... and it don't seem cool.  But in doing this episode, Larry found an auction site and, well, he might be broke. The Retro Gamers: http...



Episode 244 - Super NES 30th Anniversary

This week we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the North American release of Nintendo's second home system... the Super NES (NOT "SNESS"). But before the Nintendo talk, we showed off some cool additions to our respective home decors. Jackie's Copper Crea...



Episode 243 - Real Retro with Atari 2600

Larry and Anthony are back from a week off and Larry has some goodies to show off. One of which has relit his love for the original Atari 2600 games. The Retro Gamers: http://...


 2021-08-17  1h1m

 2021-08-03  1h1m

Episode 241 - FlexO Productions

This week Larry is joined by Felix Vicioso from FlexO Production. You may also of seen Felix as Dominican Stone Cold. His comedy is top notch and so is his love for retro video games. Check out Felix at the following: Instagram: @flexoproductions @domini...


 2021-07-27  1h0m

Episode 240 - Happy Birthday to Us!

This week we start out with Viewer Mail! We respond to some listeners who weighed in on Larry's unpopular opinion last week about Breath of the Wild.  Also... it is our 5 year anniversary! We talk about some of our memories of the show! Finally, Anthony ...


 2021-07-20  1h12m

Episode 239- Larry's Unpopular BOTW Opinion

This week Larry and Anthony celebrate the 40th anniversary of Donkey Kong, but beforehand Larry takes an extremely unpopular opinion about "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" Ultra CD RAM Cart MemCard Pro The Retro Gamers:


 2021-07-13  1h12m

Episode 238 - More N64 Memories

Anthony returns and shares his memories of the Nintendo 64 on its 25th anniversary while Larry goes through his long list of recent video game purchases. Tail ‘Gator - Limited Run Planet Hop - Kickstarter The Retro Gamers:


 2021-07-06  59m