The Retro Gamers: A Video Game Podcast

Anthony and Larry here to bring you our memories of a time long forgotten but slowly seeing a light of day in the world of video games.Blow off the dust from the carts. Get your wires untangled. We about to go retro!!!

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 1h9m. Bisher sind 163 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein wöchentlich erscheinender Podcast


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The Retro Gamers: Episode 154

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The Retro Gamers: Episode 153 - Nintendo Turns 130!!

This week Anthony is out of the office, so another Anthony has taken his place, Anthony Chu from The Yin and The Yang Podcast. He and Larry talk about the 130th Anniversary of Nintendo and it's rich history! Check out The Yin and The Yang wherever...



The Retro Gamers - Episode 152: The Gamers' Awakening

This week The Gamers talk about the release and gameplay of "The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening"... a remake of one of the best Zelda games ever. Larry is playing through it again and Anthony is experiencing it for the first time. Also, the boys...



The Retro Gamers x Victims and Villains: Ep. 151

This week we have a hybrid episode with Victims and Villains!



The Retro Gamers - Episode 150!!!

Happy 150 episodes too... US!!!! We want to thank all of our listeners, both retro and new releases (see what we tried to do there?). This week, not only do we remember a little of the past of the show, but we also celebrate the 20th anniversary of...


 2019-09-10  1h0m

The Retro Gamers - Episode 149.74/(28x14)

Anthony is still away on business... and there is no way we are celebrating episode 150 without him, so we are Kingdom Hearts-ing this bad boy and stretching out Episode 149. Thank you Charles and Capt. Nostalgia for appearing on the show and...


 2019-09-03  56m

The Retro Gamers "Handheld Edition" - Ep. 149

Anthony is away and Larry is left to play. This week Larry reads your comments left about the anniversary of the Super NES and he also runs the first ever Retro Gamers Q and A! Please like and subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts: Apple...


 2019-08-27  37m

The Retro Gamers - Episode 148

This week we talk about the Sega Genesis 30th Anniversary!! Thank you to Thomas Retro Gamer ( and Tom Bifulco ( from Long Island Retro Gaming Expo 2019... sorry it took an extra week to...


 2019-08-20  1h14m

The Retro Gamers Special Edition 8.0: Long Island Retro Gaming Expo 2019

After having a disaster of a time with recording this special edition, losing the audio was rough. Luckily Anthony, with his Hollywood magic, was able to salvage most of it and we were able to put together the episode. Recorded LIVE at the Long...


 2019-08-19  32m

The Retro Gamers - Episode 147: Game Boy 30th

Sorry about the audio. Larry was on location and forgot his headset... again.


 2019-08-06  56m