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episode 254: Finance Follow-Ups: When to Scale Up (or Down) Your Real Estate Portfolio

We’re back with another Finance Friday Follow-Up! This week, we talk to two past guests and review three life updates. Fabio from episode 174, Clayton from episode 168, and Rachael from episode 190 all have life updates for the audience!

When we last talked to Fabio, he was starting to expand his real estate empire. Since the market has been so hot, he has had to pivot his strategy towards what works best for him in the long term. With a few years of military service left, Fabio wants to wind down his more active income and pursue more passive income streams, while still including real estate and stocks/index funds in the mix!

Clayton shared with us on his solo episode how lucrative living on the road can be. Since then, his girlfriend has turned into his fiancé, he’s been offered a very large pay raise, and he has scaled his real estate portfolio with one more house hack. He also gets to take his foot off the literal gas pedal since he’ll be transitioning into a more stay-at-home role.

Rachael wasn’t able to be here for a video interview but sent Mindy an update on her overall financial situation. Since we last talked, Rachael realized that house hacking wouldn’t be exactly the right fit for her family. Thankfully, she’ll be closing on a new home closer to her children. Rachael also found herself in a particularly scary financial and medical situation since we last talked, something that you’ll hear about in-depth on a new episode in the coming months!

In This Episode We Cover

When is the right time to sell a property, especially in a hot seller’s market?

Paying off high-interest debt so you can reach financial independence faster

The importance of budgeting and expense tracking so you don’t impulse buy

ESPPs (employee stock purchase plans), HSA (health savings accounts), and other lucrative investing options 

Sharing the financial knowledge with your significant other in case of an emergency

And So Much More!

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 2021-12-03  47m