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episode 837: COVID-19 clinical update #91 with Dr. Daniel Griffin

In COVID-19 clinical update #91, Dr. Griffin discusses final results of molnupiravir trial, Omicron variant of concern, outcomes in B-cell depleted patients, recovery in T-cell depleted macaques, peptide for induction of T cell immunity, high respiratory viral RNA loads in infants, IgA and T cells transferred to breast milk after vaccination, sensitivity and specificity of ID NOW, post-acute sequelae at 12 months, disease in low and middle income countries.

Hosts: Daniel Griffin and Vincent Racaniello

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Links for this episode
  • Update on Molnupiravir results (Merck)
  • Omicron (Wikipedia)
  • P681H and IFN resistance (bioRxiv)
  • Synthetic DMARDS and disease severity (Ann Rheum Dis)
  • Recovery in T cell depleted macaques (mBio)
  • T-cell inducing peptide (Nature)
  • Respiratory viral RNA load in infants (J Inf Dis)
  • IgA and T cells in breast milk (Cell Rep)
  • ID NOW specificity and sensitivity (J Clinical Viral)
  • Risk prediction algorithm (Thorax)
  • PASC in adults at 12 months (Front Med)
  • Letters read on TWiV 837
  • Timestamps by Jolene. Thanks!

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 2021-12-04  39m