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This podcast is intended to offer space to hold conversations around beginning to live a lifestyle you love. We cover topics on alternative ways to heal so you become well from a physical standpoint. Colleen self-healed herself from a childhood cancer diagnosis. We cover topics that range from psychology, new-age spirituality, and digital marketing strategies. Colleen’s healing journey with cancer has inspired her commitment to educate, activate, and empower people through her content for people to heal, grow, and evolve so they can fall in love with life. This podcast will guide you to create a reality that is out of this world. It combines Colleen's travel experiences of traveling to 42 countries by age 27, working for a $23 billion company, a $400 million company in sales as well as founding her own company Colleen Gallagher International. Colleen is here to activate, educate, and empower you to live into your full potential and create your modern-day fairytale life. Tune in to receive the frequency.


episode 66: Episode 66 with The Katrina Ruth - Generating $20 Million Cash from Soul Aligned Digital Marketing as well as Selling From the Hospital


In this podcast episode, we co-create a conversation with The Katrina Ruth and wow it was a mind-blowing, Soul touching, incredible experience.  Kat is known for creating the word badassery for generating over $20 million dollars cash received in the online world, she’s the leader of creating a home for those of us who are called crazy, mad, chaotic, unrealistic, and also RELENTLESS in what we are! She is an author of 10 books, at least 100 online programs, she has four other businesses besides her personal brand, two beautiful children, and meant to get remarried to her husband do five years ago yet due to the mind manipulation of the world, had to cancel her wedding, as well as an incredible example of what is possible when you do the inner work to become all of who you are.  We talk about various topics from how Kat has become the person she is, how to fall in love with sales, how to get over the money struggle and become empowered in it, all while doing it from your heart, from a place of knowing this is who I am meant to be.

Tune in to receive the frequency.
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 2021-08-04  41m