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109: Pursuing Better and Making an Impact [transcript]

Do you strive each day to pursue better and make an impact? Today’s guest, Edgar Sierra is diving into his story and how he sets out to do this each day. 

Edgar is the founder of E Sierra Media. A media company specializing in photography, videography, digital design, and entrepreneurship. His team strives to give everyone the quality in creative messaging and production that they deserve to expand their business needs.

His company brings a unique, elegant and straightforward creativity to Jaguar, Land Rover, AAF Reno, Reno Philharmonic, and United Federal Credit Union. He's also the host of The Daily Entrepreneur Podcast and is currently working on his Master's in Information Technology with an Emphasis in Cyber Security.

In this episode, Edgar demonstrates the power of saying yes and taking a chance when the opportunity presents itself. At the young age of 26, he is just scratching the surface of the impact he hopes to make, so be sure to tune in!

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the complete episode:

  1. Learn about Edgar's determination to pursue better and make an impact in the creative industry.
  2. Discover how the power of saying yes led to Edgar catapulting his business.
  3. Edgar shares his experience of scarce mentality in the industry and discusses the importance of community over competition.

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 2022-03-15  39m