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episode 68: Like London buses, you wait ages for one new podcast app and three come along at the same time. We talk with Chris Messina about NEW YouTube, Spotify and Twitter podcast apps coming soon. [transcript]

SPECIAL GUEST:  Chris Messina



  • Exclusive: YouTube is planning tighter integration, monetisation and analytics for podcasts.  Despite no announcement from YouTube’s director of podcasting, Kai Chuk, at Podcast Movement Evolutions last week

  • YouTube is looking at ingesting podcast RSS feeds directly with a new podcasts homepage to be at youtube.com/podcasts (a URL that doesn’t work, yet)


  • Spotify is working on a brand new podcast interface. Spotted by Chris Messina, who posted a screen recording archived by Podnews here, the new interface adds a dedicated Podcasts tab, vertical scrolling, and live captions for all shows. 

  • Want to play with the new Spotify interface for podcasting? It’s already on your phone. On an iPhone or iPad, open Safari, visit spotify:internal:podcastclips and you’ll go straight there. /via @chrismessina


  • Freakonomics Radio is to become a radio station on SiriusXM

  • RØDE has launched its first-ever set of headphones. i.e the NTH-100s 

  • Podimo has bought Dag en Nacht, the largest podcast publisher in the Netherlands. 

  • Sonnant has launched new AI-powered tools for audio and video monetisation. 

  • Dave Jones from the Podcast Index has posted about WebSub, and why “it doesn’t scale well”. The Podcast Index is using a system called PodPing.

  • There has been an update to the socialInteract tag.

  • RSS.com have proposed a new <verification> tag to remove the need for the iTunes: email tag used to spam podcasters. 

  • JustCast added support to  episode level value-for-value namespace!

  •  AudiWave have added support  PodcastindexOrg - People, Location, and Transcript support to the iOS app

  • The PodLP app has had a new release for KaiOS, adding a season filter (just like Apple!), and configuration improvements.

  • First look: Popular podcast app Overcast is to release a redesign today. 
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 2022-03-31  1h15m