Mercury's Wake

Welcome to Vegas and a very long weekend, that is to say, welcome to the fictional metaverse of Mercury’s Wake where the paranormal, alien encounters, parallel universes, quantum jumping, and karmic destiny can’t hold a candle to the gamble of real life – a podcast that has a stickiness of a comedic-sci-fi soap opera on steroids, telling the before-and-after of an unforeseen tragedy.


episode 4: Vegas is for opportunists - The Book of Rhea

Episode 4

Rhea Quackenheimer LLM is lost in the Caesars Palace casino and riddled with neurotic reflections on herself and her life, all of which are amplified by a tragic game at a Craps table.

Eager to exit the Craps game, she collides with Imani. When Rhea gets back to her villa, she opens the book JOHN K for the first time. The book was given her by her client, DJ-gone-crooner Weirdo Cool.

Cool is in Vegas for his concert performances of Weirdo Cool’s Wild Ride and he’s more than a client.

But frantic reflections on a misspent life, an estwhile romance, not to mention her recent past mixed with JOHN K’s provocative prose threaten to overwhelm an otherwise determined Rhea to the point where she finds herself sitting on the terrace railing of her Caesars Palace villa contemplating suicide. 


  • Rhea: Julia Fulton
  • Rhea’s Dad: Roger Sherman
  • Bubbie: Nancy Bleemer
  • Fred: Robin Buck
  • Vegas Cowboy: Daniel Morin
  • George: Benito Borjas

TV Announcer/Vegas Voyeur/Crease: Benno Ressa

Mercury’s Wake ©SVlahos 2020

"Tell Me What I Want” lyrics and music SVlahos ©SVlahos2020

"Je Suis Le Petit Homme" lyrics and music SVlahos ©SVlahos2020

"She’s Solo in Vegas” Lyrics: SVlahos, Music: Matt Hillyer, sung by Matt Hillyer ©MHillyer/SVlahos2020

Thanks to FREESOUND for great sound FX

Thanks especially to Rhea’s themes:


 2022-04-24  27m