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Rachel Wheeley takes her podcast for walks because she doesn’t have a dog. “A great example of a simple, intimate format, with listener messages.” - Podnews Join the Walk the Pod walking club: https://www.patreon.com/rachelwheeley Record a voicenote: https://www.walkthepod.com Email: rach@rachelwheeley.com Follow: instagram.com/walkthepod Newsletter: rachelwheeley.substack.com



episode 4: WtP S21E4 | Cold and breezy / no music

Walk the Pod is your daily opportunity to pay attention to what’s directly in front of you for just 10 minutes. My name is Rachel, a human in the world. I take my podcast for walks because I don’t have a dog. S21 reading list The Art of Gathering - Priya Parker Orwell’s Roses - Rebecca Solnit This series, join the Walk the Pod walking club for regular newsletters, shout outs, IRL walking fun and a Full Fact enamel pin when you join via: https://www.rachelwheeleyisfunny.com Thank you for walking with me ???? --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/rachelwheeleyisfunny/message


 2021-11-04  9m