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EP 154: Confidence takes practice. Meet Deirdre Fitzpatrick


In today's episode of Better Than Gossip, Amy chats with Deirdre Fitzpatrick, KCRA morning news anchor, Dying To Ask Podcast host, and Hearst Olympic Team Reporter. Deirdre is also a four-time Emmy award winner for in writing, anchoring and reporting.

She will share how she found her passion and purpose for journalism.

She will also talk about her morning routine as a morning news anchor at KCRA-TV. 

You'll discover Deirdre's advice for people who want to find their tribe. 

She will explain why she believes it is unhealthy to be happy all the time.

Deirdre will reveal a powerful conversation starter.

Join us as Amy and Deirdre have a fascinating conversation about self-confidence, asking for help, and habit stacking.


Better Than Gossip is a media brand that seeks to offer Ageless Advice for Timeless Women. Whether on our podcast, our streaming media show or our website, you'll find valuable information that caters to women across different generations. You are definitely in the right place! 

What You Will Learn On this Show:

  • Deirdre's approach to making everything easier and her journalistic superpower
  • How important it's to have a solid circle of friends
  • Why are Millennials the unhappiest generation?
  • The power of contentment and mental health.
  • And so much more...


"To me, confidence is something you've to practice." (Deirdre Fitzpatrick)

"The greatest gift you can give yourself is to ask for help when you need it."(Deirdre Fitzpatrick)

"I feel like things are never as good or as bad as you think they're."(Deirdre Fitzpatrick)

"You can't feel the ups and downs of life unless you go through the whole gamut, so to speak."(Deirdre Fitzpatrick)


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 2022-06-16  52m