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episode 2: Patrick Morley: Former Carbon Black CEO [Cyber CEOs Decoded]

In this episode, Marc and Patrick Morley, former CEO of Carbon Black, get nostalgic as they discuss Patrick's journey of coming up through the start up scene in the 90s—from working with VCs to taking companies public—and compare it to running cyber companies today. Along with the early career experience that helped form Patrick's leadership philosophy, he shares his experience of becoming CEO of Bit9, seeing the company through a breach, acquiring Carbon Black, bring the company public and later getting acquired by VMWare—this episode is filled to the brim.

You'll also learn about:

  • How build a criteria for joining a start up
  • Why cyber is the most mission-driven area of tech
  • What it's like to call 600 customers in 2 days after a breach and not lose a single one
  • Seven philosophies for running a cyber company

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 July 4, 2022  1h1m