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episode 12: Folge 12 ― Amina Kadous (Arles Edition)

On the occasion of the photo festival "Rencontres d'Arles", we will be publishing conversations with photographers, curators and artists that we were able to record during our Fotobus-trip to Arles in the coming weeks.

In our first episode of this Arles-Edition we spoke to Amina Kadous, a visual artist based in Cairo, Egypt and winner of the Prix de la Photo Madame Figaro Arles 2022.

In her work she deals with memories and identity, such as in her series “White Gold”, that she exhibited in Arles.
“White Gold” deals with the history and industry of cotton in Egypt, which for her is very much linked to her own family history. It is "an ongoing search for my personal and national identity. A cycle of loss and possibilities", as she describes it.

"White Gold" is part of the exhibition "If a tree falls into a forest" by the collective Untitled Duo.

More information about Amina Kadous, "White Gold" and Untitled Duo can be found here:

"Through my visual experience I've been trying to accept change." - Amina Kadous


 2022-08-07  29m