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A great first guest for a great first show - The Master of the Roasts, comedian Jeff Ross. With his new book set to hit stores, Jeff and Marc talk about the finer art of the comedic roast, as well as how a roast led to one of the worst nights of Marc's life, and how one of the worst night's of Jeff's life was salvaged by Tom Cruise. Also, in his WTF moment of the day, Marc tells us how an act of crime led to his liberation from Whole Foods Market.


Episode 1357 - Christina Ricci

Christina Ricci grew up around enough chaos to make her want constant control. Which is why the show Yellowjackets is such a different experience for her. As Christina tells Marc, she decided to surrender knowing anything about the direction of the show and its characters, and that lack of control is infused in her performance as Misty Quigley. They also talk about what Christina learned from Cher while making her first film, the much-loved movie she can’t stand watching herself in, and her long-time-coming partnership with Juliette Lewis.

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 2022-08-15  1h15m