Long May You Young

A podcast about Neil Young's music from Mike Hsu and The Condon Brothers (of Town Meeting). Proud part of Pantheon - Podcasts for Music Lovers.



episode 76: 76. Paradox

You better believe Mike put on his best cowboy outfit for this one, while Luke and Russ chimed in from their twin outhouses. That's right. It's time to talk about Paradox, Youngsters. Daryl's behind the camera and Neil and the POTR boys are out front. We talk about our highlights from the movie. We get gushy over Lukas covering his dad's tune. Luke wishes he were there for that cowgirl jam. Mike loves a good pipe organ. Russ enjoys a particular river scene. Who am I kidding? We all do. 

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 June 9, 2022  1h0m