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EP 162: Age is NOT just a number. Meet Girls Gone 50 Founders

Age is NOT just a number.  Amen!

Are you ready to grow up and not grow old?   Today’s episode will inspire you to #cannonballwithconfidence. This podcast was so popular - that we decided to share it again. Listen in as two award-winning ad creatives talk about launching their #AgeisNOTjustaNumber video campaign — an “Age Anthem” tackling ageism head-on.  I was part of the campaign and loved every minute of it – you can watch it here.

If you believe that “age doesn’t define you, that substance is the new sexy, and in kicking ass instead of sitting on it,”  meet Susan Lee Colby and Kathy Sjogren.  After “aging out” of the youth-obsessed ad industry, the two friends co-founded Grace Creative, an agency specializing in marketing to women over 50.

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 2022-09-02  33m