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My friend Joseph Anew is the mastermind behind one of my all-time favorite immersive VIP wellness experiences on the face of the planet: RUNGA, happening again this year, October 13th-15th (click here to join me and my family there in Austin Texas for it!). 

But he's much more than that.

Not only has Joseph joined me in the past for episodes including:

  • Digital Detoxing, Travel-Proofing Your Immune System, Underground Body Weight Workouts & More With Joe DiStefano.
  • Kettlebell Yoga, The Best 5 Cardio Machines You Can Use, How To “Reset” Your Body With An Adventure & Much More!

But I've also appeared on his Intuitive Warrior podcast (previously called the Stacked podcast) on the episodes:

  • RUNGA Live Panel with Ben Greenfield, Dr. Jason Sonners, Dr. Chris Shade, and Leland Stillman, MD
  • Finding Purpose & Staying Charged with Ben Greenfield

Joseph Anew is an international speaker, fitness expert, entrepreneur, and lifestyle coach. During his eight years as Head of Sport and Training at Spartan Race, Joseph worked full-time with professional endurance athletes and taught seminars worldwide. From there, Joseph went on to found RUNGA, an experiential lifestyle brand empowering individuals through highly effective and sustainable practices that fuel health, wellness, and performance. He shares his teachings and interviews inspiring guests on his podcast Intuitive Warrior.

Emilía Rún is a plant-based chef, Kundalini yoga teacher, and mindfulness meditation teacher. With nutrition as her primary focus, Emilía also credits yoga and meditation as pivotal to her healing from lifelong painful autoimmune disease. Since stumbling into a class at 18 years old, the teachings of Kundalini yoga, and later mindfulness, have allowed her to cultivate an unbroken connection to the heart, which serves as a compass in her daily life. Eventually becoming a teacher in both herself, Emilía has trained under Tara Brach, Jack Kornfield, Tej Kaur Khalsa, Krishna Kaur, and Siri Bahadur Khalsa.

At RUNGA, Joseph leads workouts, kettlebell instruction, and mobility drills. But RUNGA goes far beyond fitness. If you join me at RUNGA in Austin, Texas, this October 13th-15th, you can spend three life-changing days treating your mind and body to organic chef-prepared meals, daily movement, and meditation, plus full access to the latest anti-aging biohacks and health-optimizing therapies, with a lively community of like-minded health-seekers. It's the one event I make sure to attend every year. Click here to learn more or to apply today.

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