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Get A Complete, Full-Body Biohacking Workout in 20 Minutes with No External Loads or Joint Impact, Using The Electrical Modality That Is Taking The World By Storm

In a , I revealed my discovery of what I consider to be the next frontier of electrical muscle stimulation. …but with all other forms of EMS I've used in the past, although getting great results for injury rehab, muscle growth, targeted muscle...



The #1 Exercise For Low Back Pain, 4 Must-Do Exercises, Biohacking Late Night & Shift Work, Keto To Carnivore Transition & Much More

Last year, my sons and I watched the first season TV series called "The Chosen." It's basically the story of Jesus and his "chosen" disciples told in a very, very compelling manner. While speaking with a friend about "The Chosen," he commented to me...



The Wake-Up Lounge, Italian Dinner Feasts, Travel As Education, "FU" University & Other Massively Important Parenting Principles (Boundless Parenting Book Series)

Patrick and Laurie Gentempo are dear friends of mine, superstar parents, world-changers, philosophers, entrepreneurs and a featured couple in my upcoming . Their parenting habits were incredibly unique, including a "Wakeup Lounge", during which their...



Q&A 450: Cannabis & Testosterone, The Foods That Fill You Up Fastest, "Non-Responders" To Exercise, Tom Brady's Workout & Much More!

News Flashes –  for more… Recreational use of cannabis can cause lower levels of testosterone and poorer levels of sperm morphology: …9:11 Recreational cannabis users tend to be more likely to use alcohol, smoke cigarettes, and have...



Plant Medicines In Religion, "Journeying" Without Drugs, A Medical Use For Entheogens & Much More With "The Christian Psychedelic" Paul Risse.

Plant medicine, psychedelics, Christianity, spirituality. For the past year, I've been engrossed in how those topics fit together, if and how I want to incorporate those practices and concepts into my life, and what I want to share with you if you're...



Pharmakia, Plant Medicines, Addiction, Escapism, Ayahuasca, Shamanism & The Problem With The "Noble" Use of DrugS

You probably already know that I've become increasingly disillusioned with the use of plant medicines. A key book I read that significantly informed my decisions on this topic was titled , by Robert Orem. This is a book that I often mention these days...



The Official Pickleball Podcast: Everything You Need To Know About How To Train, Eat, Recover, Play & Practice The Fastest Growing Sport In The World

I recently got into the sport of pickleball. Coming from a competitive tennis background, I wasn't quite sure I was going to love it, especially since my only experience with pickleball until about four months ago was that it is (take no offense) a...



The Intersection Of Energy Medicine, Spirituality, & Shocking Medical, Performance, & Recovery Results

I've had plenty of crazy biohacking experiences… …and what I did recently with my old friend Dr. Jeremy Stich is at the top of the crazy list. A former ER physician, Dr. Stich began his healthcare journey in emergency medicine before several...



Natural & Free Ways To Alter Your State Of Mind, Biohacks & Smart Drugs For Mental Upgrades, Biohacking A Healthy Home, Ben's Top Productivity Tips & Much More!

I feel fortunate to be invited to many, many events in the health and wellness industry... ...but honestly, lately, I haven't felt all that motivated to go to most of them. There is one event, though, that is well, well worth the travel. It's...



Using AI To Interpret Bloodwork, Creating Genetic Freak Of Nature Athletes, The Most Fancy & Comprehensive Executive Health Program Ever Created, Reversing Disease With Precision Medicine & Much More

is, in my opinion, the most cutting-edge medical network in America, with trained precision medicine practitioners in all 50 states delivering the most advanced and customized medical care I've ever experienced. They have been up to plenty of exciting...


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