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episode 138: Become a Super Learner with Collin Jewett [transcript]

Today's guest is Collin Jewett, industrial engineer, author, coach, adventurer, and founder of Curiosity Jump LLC.  We'll chat about how to rediscover a childlike sense of adventure in everyday life. 

Collin works with clients to help them become super learners. First, it's important to let go of the idea that learning has to be unpleasant or painful. People are born with the curiosity and ability to learn, but the skills become rusty.

Cultivating curiosity will open the door to thinking creatively. Creativity really is just the process of finding solutions, so supply your mind with questions. Collin also works within the imagination and the ability to vividly use all of your senses when envisioning situations and practicing skills.

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 2022-09-11  25m