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episode 1711: Keeping pentesting tools out of criminal hands. Updates from an intensified cyber phase in Russia’s hybrid war. Fars reports sustaining a cyber attack. The most common password remains “password.”

Nighthawk’s at the diner (but maybe not on the crooks’ menu). Internet service in Ukraine and Moldova is interrupted by strikes against Ukraine's power grid. Sandworm renews ransomware activity against Ukrainian targets. Russian cyber-reconnaissance seen at a Netherlands LNG terminal. European Parliament votes to declare Russia a terrorist state (and Russia responds with cyberattacks and terroristic threats). Carole Theriault reports on where these kids today are getting their news. Malek Ben Salem from Accenture on digital identity in Web 3.0. And, hey, the new list of most commonly used passwords looks...depressingly familiar.

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Selected reading.

Sec firm MDSec slams Proofpoint for post on pen-testing framework (iTWire) 

Nighthawk: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility - MDSec 

Cyberattack Hits Iran's Fars News Agency (RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty)

Iran’s Fars news agency is hit by cyberattacks, blames Israel (Times of Israel) 

Ukraine and Moldova suffer internet disruptions after Russian missile strikes (The Record by Recorded Future)

New ransomware attacks in Ukraine linked to Russian Sandworm hackers (BleepingComputer)

Russian hackers targeting Dutch gas terminal: report (NL Times) 

Russia labelled state sponsor of terrorism as missile strikes leave Ukraine without power (The Telegraph)

Killnet Group Claims Responsibility for European Parliament Cyber Attack (Digit)

European Parliament hit by 'sophisticated' cyberattack (Deutsche Welle)

European Parliament website suffers 'sophisticated' cyber attack after Russia terrorism vote (Computing)

Hackers Temporarily Take Down European Parliament Website (Wall Street Journal)

Guess the most common password. Hint: We just told you (Register)

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 November 28, 2022  28m