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Tired of wondering where your next lead will come from? What if you had a reliable, and predictable, source of new potential customers coming into your sales funnel each month? This is Predictable Prospecting and here I'll show you how some of the best sales leaders in the industry are creating consistent, and measurable procedures to bring in fresh, qualified leads to their sales funnels each and every month.


Episode 12: Conversation with Target Prospects - Kyle Porter

One of the most important factors in building a predictable pipeline is continuing the conversation with prospects. My guest today is Kyle Porter, the founder and CEO of SalesLoft, a company dedicated to turning target accounts into customer accounts.

Kyle is an expert in helping companies integrate new tools and technology in their current systems to begin conversations with the buyers that matter. We discuss how targeting prospects in your market is changing, why and how you should start the conversation at the top of the funnel, and where to begin when developing your sales stack.


Episode Highlights:

  • Technology and the salesman: how our industry is changing
  • Targeting your prospects
  • Connecting with the person who doesn’t sign the check
  • Creating frequent touch points with buyers
  • Software and technology
  • Reducing lag in the pipeline
  • Preparing for adding new tools to your process
  • Understanding the equation of connection
  • Death of the average salesman



“Why Software Is Eating The World” article by Marc Andreessen
The Challenger Customer: Selling to the Hidden Influenster Who Can Multiply Your Results
The Sales Development Playbook free download from SalesLoft
Predictable Prospecting: How to Radically Increase Your B2B Sales Pipeline by Marylou Tyler


Sales Stack Technology:

TinderBox/ Octiv
Adobe Echo Sign

Connect with Kyle Porter on Twitter or by emailing him:


 2016-08-15  31m