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3 Black guys reppin all black geeks everywhere!!!! We review the best Black movies, Action, Martial Arts, Anime/Manga, Comics, and everything that white people think black people aren't into.


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Metal Gear Solid Part 1

The Metal Gear Solid is a staple in video game history. So the 3 black guys crack this egg and get all up in it!


 2013-03-16  1h45m

Death Wish Series

A series that went from being a serious to all out wacky and fun by the 3rd movie. The Death Wish series is a good and fun set of movies to watch if only because of the swagger of Charles Bronson and his one liners.


 2013-03-12  1h21m

Black Action Month '14- Bad Boys Series

The Bad Boys series is an example of just how far Michael Bay has come as a director. Bad Boys 1 was a very safe action movie that did well and got Bay's foot in the door while Bad Boys 2 personified the Michael Bay tropes we've seen in his recent...


 2013-03-03  1h22m

Black Action Month '14- A Low Down Dirty Shame

They honestly don't make movies like this anymore. A very well made and funny Keenan Ivory Wayans gem with a semi-memorable cast of characters.


 2013-02-25  1h39m

Black Action Month '14- Shaft 2000

A very enjoyable movie thats a damn good remake of a classic blacksploitation. 


 2013-02-16  1h19m

Original Gangstas

This is what happens when you group together the blacksploitation heroes of the 70's in one movie. A very interesting movie that has a huge cast of familiar faces all around. Some people call it the pre-cursor to  The Expendables.


 2013-02-13  1h18m

Eddie Murphy Month- Coming To America

We round out Eddie Murphy month with a classic movie that is funny from beginning to end. When you talk about definitive Eddie Murphy movies, this was the one movie that told you everything you needed to know on how funny he truly is. One of the best...


 2013-02-03  2h32m

Eddie Murphy Month- Beverly Hills Cop Trilogy

Quite possibly the most solid and funny trilogy of movies you'll ever watch. The Beverly Hills Cop series is a fun ride and it definitely showcased Eddie Murphy's comedic talents.


 2013-01-23  1h25m

Eddie Murphy Month- Vampire In Brooklyn

A bit of an underrated and sort of underappreciated Eddie Murphy movie. Kinda like a prelude to the Nutty Professor movies in terms of the variety of characters he plays here. Listen in as we dig in on this gem.


 2013-01-15  1h28m

Fighting Game Movies

Everybody loves a good fighting game whether it be Street Fighter, Tekken, or Mortal Kombat. Hollywood is infamous for tapping into that market and raping the fighting genre for what its worth with the live action movies. We tackle the best and worst...


 2013-01-13  1h58m