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Remember those movies you loved as a kid/tween/teen? Us too! And now we watch them as the jaded adults we've become to see if they "still got it." Find Archived episodes at

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Episode 137: Babe

The sweetest little storybook tale that will RIP YOUR HEART OUT. My gosh, the gut punch that is and was Babe. It is shocking the parts of this movie that hold up. Shocking. Follow Alex Rose


 2019-05-23  n/a

Episode 136: National Treasure

Take us for a RIDE, hunny! There are some relics, like the Justin Bartha’s jeans, and some fun sexism. But overall, damn this is still a fun time! Performers & very funny peoples Dustin Molina & Nicole Adsit join the pod for a Passionate Discussion of Nic Cage, history, and action movies. Follow Dustin Follow […]


 2019-05-16  n/a

Episode 135: Cruel Intentions

Ho.Ly. Mo.Ly This movie is BONKERS. It's terrible. It's problematic. And we sort of kind of DUG watching it? But also we SERIOUSLY JUDGE our younger selves for being so totally obsessed. Follow Ari


 2019-05-09  n/a

134: The Witches

Performer, comedian, and podcast fave Jessie Jolles joins special guest actress, writer, producer Jen Ponton to discuss this truly terrifying KIDS movie. We cannot stress enough, this was supposed to be for KIDS and is the Stuff. Of. Nightmares. Thanks Roald Dahl. Follow Jessie Follow Jen


 2019-05-02  n/a

Episode 133: Final Destination

My oh my this movie is BANANAS. We brave a FOURSOME with epic special guests Bob & Bridget Nasr joining the OG team of Celey & Nora to try and figure out this truly absurd "film." We have so many ideas...none of them are what we watched, because this movie DOES. NOT. PICK. ITS. RULES.


 2019-04-25  n/a

Episode 132: Gremlins

We're back in the 80's thanks to *slightly older* special guest, writer Timothy Cooper and guest-host, performer Kevin Guzewich. Don't get them wet, no bright lights, no food after midnight! Gremlins: alternately adorable, savage, and completely nonsense. Plus, inventions that don't work, but spurt liquids! Follow Kevin Follow Timothy


 2019-04-19  n/a

Episode 131: D2 The Mighty Ducks

It is truly astounding how much this movie captured our childhood hearts & minds, when it it BARELY even makes sense. Scratch that, it does NOT makes sense. Actor Josh Schubart (Amazon's The Tick) joins Celey & Nora to break down just what happened, and why we loved it anyway. Follow Josh


 2019-04-11  1h6m

Episode 130: Rad

A foray into the '80s?! Anything for special guest & true child of the era, comedian Patrick Grizzard. Guest host, writer Jeremiah Budin also joins the pod for this episode to discuss how Rad delivers Bike Trix! Lori Laughlin! and basically nothing else that makes sense! Follow Patrick Follow Jeremiah


 2019-04-04  1h20m

Episode 129:Dance With Me

A STAR STUDDED cast in a film somehow lost to time. And here at Still Got It podcast, we love a dance movie. Nora Wolinsky & real life dancing phenom (and comic) KK Apples sit down to talk about this sexy latin dance romp...that is kind of a mess, but very indulgent. Also cannot stress enough: JLo is not in this movie. Follow KK


 2019-03-28  n/a

Episode 128: What Lies Beneath

So much water-based peril! Chanel Carroll and haunted movie enthusiast Ivey Ray break down What Lies Beneath. Celey is convinced it is Bad with a capital B, but they have such love for it...and for Harrison Ford and Michelle Pfeiffer. Follow Chanel Follow Ivey


 2019-03-21  n/a