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CNN Student News - 10/25/16

French officials begin clearing "The Jungle," a new theory tries to explain the Bermuda Triangle's mysteries, and we begin a new series on video games' effects.


 2016-10-25  10m

CNN Student News - 10/24/16

Today's topics include the disarmament of bombs in Iraq, the planned merger between AT&T and Time Warner, and an explanation of vote recounts in U.S. elections.


 2016-10-23  10m

CNN Student News - 10/21/16

The apparent loss of a Mars lander, recent storms in the Philippines, possible responses to hacking, and a Character Study are all featured this Friday.


 2016-10-21  10m

CNN Student News - 10/20/16

Today's topics include the third (and last) debate between the top U.S. presidential candidates and our fourth (and last) report on the U.S. heroin epidemic.


 2016-10-20  10m

CNN Student News - 10/19/16

Today's topics include a possible discovery in Giza's Great Pyramid, a mystery concerning frogs in Peru, and the efforts of a U.S. doctor to fight heroin abuse.


 2016-10-19  10m

CNN Student News - 10/18/16

A significant battle begins in Iraq, China takes a step forward in its space program, and a U.S. community reels from the effects of a national heroin epidemic.


 2016-10-17  10m

CNN Student News - 10/17/16

After a recap of headlines from Yemen, Iraq and Australia, we're kicking off a new series examining America's heroin epidemic and how it's being addressed.


 2016-10-16  10m

CNN Student News - 10/14/16

Today, we're exploring possible vulnerabilities in U.S. voting security, and we're visiting an Asian country in mourning following the death of a revered ruler.


 2016-10-14  10m

CNN Student News - 10/13/16

A state of emergency is declared in Ethiopia, an oil inferno casts a cloud over an Iraqi town, and researchers tout the potential pros of bacteria-coated crops.


 2016-10-13  10m

CNN Student News - 10/12/16

Samsung recalls a flagship smartphone, Haitians begin rebuilding after a devastating hurricane, and experts discuss the public's appetite for a Mars mission.


 2016-10-12  10m