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CNN Student News - 10/4/16

Stories from Japan, Colombia, the Caribbean, Afghanistan, and the disputed region of Kashmir headline this international edition of CNN Student News.


 2016-10-04  10m

CNN Student News - 10/03/16

This Monday: a potential peace deal in Colombia, a look at Hurricane Matthew, the political challenges of Iran, a recent "black moon," and a Character Study.


 2016-10-03  10m

CNN Student News - 09/30/16

A train crash in New Jersey, China's warning for Japan, a look at tensions between the U.S. and Russia, and a U.S. presidential town hall are featured today.


 2016-09-29  10m

CNN Student News - 09/29/16

Congress overrides a presidential veto, more U.S. troops are headed to Iraq, another typhoon strikes Taiwan, and a new plan aims to colonize Mars.


 2016-09-29  10m

CNN Student News - 09/28/16

This Wednesday: the potential impact of debates on polls, the U.N.'s new warning about air pollution, and the Character Study of a charitable dentist.


 2016-09-28  10m

CNN Student News - 09/27/16

Today's show brings you some highlights of last night's U.S. presidential debate, the first of three meetings between the Republican and Democratic nominees.


 2016-09-27  10m

CNN Student News - 09/26/16

A hypothetical U.S. electoral map, a potential foreign policy challenge for the next U.S. president, and an American drug epidemic are all featured this Monday.


 2016-09-25  10m

CNN Student News - 09/23/16

A retrospective on U.S. presidential debates, an update from Charlotte, North Carolina, and a study on America's drinking water are all featured this Friday.


 2016-09-23  10m

CNN Student News - 09/22/16

A pair of officer-involved shootings, a visit to the swing state of Pennsylvania, and a Character Study of a professional chef are all featured this Thursday.


 2016-09-22  10m

CNN Student News - 09/21/16

Today, we're explaining why it's so hard to get aid to Aleppo, why many U.S. fast-food chains recently got a failing grade, and why Florida is a swing state.


 2016-09-21  10m