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episode 16: A Grounding Meditation

A Grounding Meditation To get centered again... I am safe. I am in my body. I am completely in my body. I am not in the past. I am not caught up in the "what ifs." I am here in the now. I am aware of where I am right now physically, mentally,...


 2015-02-16  3m

episode 15: Garbage Day Visualization

Garbage Day Visualization Clearing old beliefs... Finding a comfortable position, prepare to release thoughts and beliefs that you no longer want in your mind and in your life. It’s now time to clear mental and emotional clutter for good and...


 2015-02-15  5m

episode 14: Progressive Relaxation of Shoulders, Neck and Face

Progressive Relaxation of Shoulders, Neck and Face Releasing tension in your shoulders, neck and face… Finding a comfortable position and mentally settling down & settling in…I prepare for a time of progressive relaxation. Starting with...


 2015-02-14  7m

episode 13: Time Management

Time Management Affirmations Distractions be gone… I am my time manager. Every day is structured and organized for best productivity. I do not live pressured or behind. I live proactively and efficiently. I know when to be in the moment and I know...


 2015-02-13  4m

episode 12: Pregnancy Affirmations

Pregnancy Affirmations As I embark on a new role as momma… I take a deep breath and I smile.  A warm feeling fills me as I think of the amazing miracle forming inside my body.  It’s so exciting to know that a new life is growing inside...


 2015-02-12  3m

episode 11: Good Morning My Body!

Good Morning Meditation Good morning eyelids.  Good morning eyes. Good morning brain.  Good morning hair. Good morning eyebrows.   Good morning forehead.  Good morning temples. Good morning nose.  Good morning...


 2015-02-11  4m

episode 10: Good Night My Body!

Good Night Meditation Say good night now… Good night toes.  Good night heels.  Good night feet. Good night ankles.  Good night shins.  Good night calves. Good night knees.  Good night thighs.  Good night legs. Good...


 2015-02-10  4m

episode 9: Money Management

Affirmations for Money Management Money has many different meanings.  Here are some of mine. Money doesn’t bind me.  Money frees me.  I exercise wisdom in every financial decision I make. I’m aware of how I’m spending, saving,...


 2015-02-09  2m

episode 8: The Past is The Past

A short but effective declaration of who you are now. I am free from the past.  The past no longer has a hold of me.  I am not who I was. The past has no power over me.  I forgive myself.  I’m not who I was.  I’m not that...


 2015-02-08  1m

episode 7: Relax Your Body Meditation

Got 20 minutes?  This one aims to relax your body from head to toe. I take a deep breath in and out.  I am moving into a relaxed position. I place all the noise and all clutter of my life to the side.  I send a message to my entire...


 2015-02-07  20m